Basement Installation in Claygate, Cobham and Surrey | The Peri DUO System

Lucas Groundworks is a proud user of Peri DUO, a modern and lightweight formwork system for walls, columns, foundations and slabs. We are basement installation specialists covering Claygate, Cobham, Guildford, Haslemere and Surrey from our home location of Godalming. The system uses a composite called Polytech. This a robust technopolymer that has been designed for use in fields of formwork and scaffolding.


The strength of Peri DUO formwork has earned approval and won awards from independent bodies across the world.


System benefits in basement installation include:


  • Lighter than steel and timber to create a more ergonomic work environment with faster delivery times.
  • Resists moisture and corrosion. Unlike steel and wood, it is a system that doesn’t shrink or expand.
  • Injection moulding forms a basement installation in a way which is flexible and serves more functions.
  • Because the Peri DUO system only uses raw material, there is no waste generated during production.
  • The lightweight properties of a technopolymer product can make it easier and cheaper to transport.
  • Components used in the Peri DUO system are reusable and ideal for a sustainable recycling economy.


If you have plans for a basement installation project in Surrey, particularly in our key service areas of Claygate, Cobham, Guildford or Haslemere, we want to hear from you. We also use the Peri DUO system for foundation installations.


Universal Lightweight Formwork


The beauty of the Peri DUO formwork system in basements is its low weight and ease of handling. It only needs a minimum number of components and is particularly viable on jobs where it isn’t possible to use cranes and other heavy plant.  Despite its low weight, Peri DUO formwork has good load-bearing capabilities and site operations require no tools. Just as importantly, the system reduces noise pollution.


An increasing number of basement builders use the Peri DUO system because it has a high utilisation rate.


DUO is suitable for basement installations because it has a wall formwork thickness of between 150mm and 400mm which we can adapt in 10mm increments. We construct columns in 150mm to 550mm cross sections in 50mm increments. These sizes make mobilisation safer when we build basements or foundations in the Claygate, Cobham, Guildford or Haslemere areas.


The same ease of handling and a compact format makes basement installation work easier, simpler and more adaptable.


If you are a homeowner, a business owner or a developer, and if you need an installation service that makes the best use of today’s most innovative trade technology, Lucas Groundworks can help. We feel incredibly proud to have the Peri DUO system for basement installations and we hope you feel equally delighted with the results we can achieve through its use.

Call 01483 861 187 for basement installation services in Claygate, Cobham and all surrounding Surrey areas.

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