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Our groundwork contractors design and build reinforced basements on behalf of homeowners and commercial developers/tradesmen throughout Surrey. These can be used for all sorts of purposes, from storage to a bedroom and en suite. We pride ourselves on an exceptional standard of workmanship and highly professional work ethic, alongside our always-competitive prices.


We’ve completed past projects in a distinct variety of locales, from Claygate to Cobham, Haslemere to Guildford and not least in our hometown of Godalming. On this page, we’ve provided information on how we go about these projects. Should you wish to book a no obligation site survey, call us on 01483 861 187.

How We Build Reinforced Basements


Excavation – Using plant equipment which expedites the process, our groundwork contractors excavate to a predetermined depth (based on a number of factors including the types of soil, structure above and the intended usage of the basement), placing all the ground dug up in a skip. A shelter over the excavation may be required to protect it from the elements. If excavating under an existing property, we may need to underpin its foundations.


Construction – There are a number of construction methods we can employ. First is pouring concrete into formwork which includes steel reinforcements if required. After curing, we strip away the forms leaving the concrete structure. Reinforced basements can also be made with concrete blocks, which is usually a cheaper method. However, soil types which are prone to swelling aren’t suitable for this form of construction as they can pressurise and weaken the walls.

Waterproofing – One of the most essential elements involved in basement construction is waterproofing. We can either add in a chemical to the concrete which can add a high level of waterproofing, especially when used in conjunction with a waterproof membrane. Another method we use when building reinforced basements around Claygate, Cobham, Haslemere and Guildford is tanking. This involves applying a barrier to the inside or outside of a structure.


These barriers could take the form of a bituminous plastic sheet, or a paint/spray-on membrane used with a drainage board. Drained cavities are the final waterproofing option. These sit between the internal/external wall and floors, and collect water entering the basement. It’s then drained away via a sump and pump. As skilled drainage contractors, we can also include an external perimeter drain which sits beneath the foundations and also removes water.

image of a reinforced basement frame 3
image of a reinforced basement frame 4

Insulation – In addition to ensuring reinforced basements meet building regulations governing waterproofing and ventilation, it’s integral that the structure is well insulated. Foam insulation, insulation boards or fibreglass can improve heat retention while also stopping internal condensation which could lead to mould growth – a significant health hazard.


So, if you’re looking to have reinforced basements designed and built under an existing or to-be-built property in Claygate, Cobham, Haslemere, Guildford or any surrounding Surrey locale – give Lucas Groundworks Ltd a call. We can ensure that any and all risks – such as drainage difficulties, poor waterproofing, structural weaknesses and suboptimal ground conditions – are identified and circumnavigated.


Peri DUO Formwork and Shuttering


Lucas Groundworks uses the DUO system from Peri Ltd for formwork and shuttering operations. This is one of the strongest yet lightweight systems available to our sector, one made from tecchnopolymer. Because none of the components in this system weigh more than 25kg, it is easy to move around sites and saves money on HIAB, crane and transportation costs.


Peri DUO helps in the delivery of formwork and shuttering without operative needing any other specialist tools or skills. Best of all, this is a completely recyclable system that can undergo milling to make new panels and parts.

The system has a lining that allows up to 100 uses.

image of a reinforced basement frame 3
image of a reinforced basement frame 4

Dial 01483 861 187 today. There’s no company in Guildford or nearby towns that delivers reinforced basements to the same exceptional standard as Lucas Groundworks Ltd.

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