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Many general building companies around Cobham offer groundworks alongside a broad range of construction services. But then there’s companies like ours, which specialise purely in this area. So, what are the advantages of hiring dedicated groundwork contractors (and drainage contractors) over a Jack-of-all-Trades option? On this page, we look to answer this question.


If you’re more interested in discussing your foundation installation requirements, or other groundworks/drainage needs you might have, feel free to skip the below and call us directly on 01483 861 187. Our office in Godalming, just a short drive from Cobham, will be able to direct your inquiry and arrange a site visit/survey at your earliest convenience.


The basement builders at Lucas Groundwork can manage, build and develop sub-floor space in homes and business properties. We use the Peri DUO formwork system on basement installation, extension and conversion projects because it makes use of technopolymers for easier, safer and lightweight handling.


Why Choose Dedicated Groundwork Contractors?


You wouldn’t choose an electrician to work on your plumbing, nor the other way around, so why choose anyone else but groundwork contractors to handle foundation installation and similar jobs? We’ve been specialising in this area for over 20 years as a company, and our employees have up to 35 years of personal experience within the industry.


This means we really have encountered absolutely everything you can imagine, and even the most extensive and challenging of jobs are no problem for us. It also means that we’ll get the job done quicker and at a much higher level of workmanship. This is especially important with foundation installations as 1) they usually lead on to another development phase and as a result can’t be delayed, and 2) foundations ensure the property above is stable and won’t collapse.


The same goes for if you’re investing in reinforced basements. Some builders might be quick to say they can so this sort of work but it’s a very specialist area of groundworks and shouldn’t be taken on lightly. It is essential that all reinforced basements meet a strict set of building regulations to ensure they are safe and legally habitable. Having built countless in Cobham and the wider Surrey area, we’re the obvious choice to ensure this happens.


There’s also the issue of different soil types and foundations. While a general builder might take a one size fits all approach to foundation installation or fitting reinforced basements, Cobham properties are built on all sorts of different ground types, like stone, clay and peat. Each has its own characteristics and must be dealt with accordingly. Different types of foundations we use, which are outlined on our foundation installation page, are appropriate for specific types of ground. Use the wrong foundation on a particular ground type, and they simply won’t be fit for purpose!


So, to round up, having non groundwork contractors carry out groundworks can be a risky gamble. It could endanger both the property you’re building or developing or cost you a huge amount in repairs down the line. So, if the reason you’re considering a general builder over groundworks specialist is a slightly cheaper price, keep in that this is a false economy.


Oh, and We’re Drainage Contractors!


It’s certainly worth mentioning that we’re also trained and experienced drainage contractors. These two disciplines are perfect bedfellows, as it means we can dig-up, maintain, repair and install underground drainage systems without the need to call in a third party. It also means that we won’t have any mishaps like digging down during foundation installations or the development of reinforced basements and hitting a surprise water pipe. Believe us, this happens around more than Cobham than you’d care to think!


Being able to stick with one company rather than hire two separate ones for groundworks and drainage, can both ensure you get a consistent standard of workmanship and save you money.


Don’t forget that our basement builders have experience in the Peri DUO system and use it for walls, columns, foundations and slabs. Basement installations optimise the land beneath your home or business to gain you valuable living or floor space without increasing the size of your property’s footprint.

Choose our groundwork contractors and drainage contractors for foundation installations and similar projects in Cobham. Call 01483 861 187.

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