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As well as being the go-to groundworks specialist for the Surrey area, we proudly serve as experienced drainage contractors providing a full service range to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. On this page, we’ve provided some more information on these different services.


Should you require our drainage contractors for any of the procedures detailed below, pick up the phone and call 01483 861 187. We offer emergency coverage to all areas close by our Godalming base, including Claygate, Cobham, Guildford and Haslemere. So if your system has sprung a leak or is badly blocked, we can leap into action and minimise any damage or inconvenience.

Our Drainage Services


Underground Drainage Systems – We excel in the installation, maintenance and repair of underground drainage systems. Our drainage contractors can install new systems that meet all relevant building regulations and seamlessly connect with the public sewer system. Likewise, if you are currently experiencing worrying symptoms of a problem, like recurring blockages or a nasty and persistent odour, or even a complete breakdown – we can visit to conduct diagnostics, combining 35 years of industry expertise with the latest equipment.


Drain Relaying – If a pipe/drainage system is badly broken it may not be salvageable via routine repairs. For example, if a tree root gets inside and has blocked a large section of the line, or a joint is badly displaced. In these situations, our drainage contractors will recommend drain relaying. This involves excavating the problem areas, carefully removing the section in question, before replacing them with new, uncompromised elements.


Pumping Station Installation – In certain low-lying areas, public sewer systems are higher than domestic sewer pipes, meaning gravity simply won’t handle the job of transferring sewage from one to the other. Pumping stations tackle this problem. They utilise a large tank in which sewage collects until it reaches a certain level. Then a pump will pressurise the sewage and send it uphill to the main sewer, where gravity takes the wheel. The pumping stations our drainage contractors install are often a cheaper and easier option than the extensive groundworks involved in adjusting sewers to work purely by gravity, and are essential when sewer lines pass over ridges.

image of a drainage system being dug out
image of an excavated drainage system

Soakaways – An easy and effective way of providing groundwater recharge and stormwater attenuation, soakways are excavations filled with a material – usually brickwork, concrete or rubble. They’re ideal for areas of land which don’t have direct access to a drainage system, and prevent water logging. Think of them like an anti-well: rather than rather than storing and giving access to water, they dispose of it in a natural way. Our drainage contractors build functional, ecologically sustainable soakaways.


Trench ExcavationLucas Groundworks Ltd owns and operates the plant machinery required to make trench excavation quick, straightforward and resultantly, as unobtrusive to our clients as possible. Trench excavation is required in all sorts of situations, most commonly to allow for further groundworks, drainage services or landscaping.


Emergency Services – If you’re in Surrey and experiencing a drain-related emergency, for example a burst pope, blockage, water logging or similar issue – call us right away. Our Godalming base of operations allows us to quickly travel to properties from Claygate to Cobham, Guildford to Haslemere. Here our drainage contractors carry out fast and accurate diagnostics, locating the source of the problem before carrying out any required repairs.


But if the drainage service you require isn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re versatile and able to deal with anything drainage-related you task us with.

Have a question for our drainage contractors? Pick up the phone and call 01483 861 187. We proudly serve as Cobham, Claygate, Guildford and Haslemere’s go-to drainage specialists.

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image of a drainage system being dug out