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One issue that’s the bane of many Haslemere home and commercial property owners is poor drainage. When the rains come, as it often does in dear old blighty, they find themselves with a waterlogged front or back garden. Not only is this unsightly and impractical, as accessing areas of your property becomes difficult, but it can cause long-term structural problems and kill off plants etc. As the area’s go-to drainage contractors, who also serve as skilled groundwork contractors handling everything from foundation installation to the construction of new reinforced basements, we’re very well versed in this area.


So, on this page, for the benefit of those who are suffering from poor drainage in their garden or on other areas of their land, we’ve explained the root causes of the problem. If you’d like us to visit your property and make alterations to your drainage, or to build soakaways that help improve rainwater attenuation and ground water recharge, don’t hesitate to call us on 01483 861 187.


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What Causes Poor Drainage?


One reason for poor drainage is overly compacted soil. This often occurs when builders carry out work on a property and leave heavy equipment/materials/vehicles on areas of your garden. The pressure and prolonged periods of footfall nearby causes the soil to become very compact and less capable of dealing with rainfall. We’ve also encountered instances where Guildford clients have used general builders for groundworks like foundation installation or reinforced basements, and they’ve been negligent in allowing sub-soil and topsoil to mix and become a heavy plot that quickly gets overwhelmed in inclement weather.


But these are just the human causes encountered by our drainage contractors. There are also the natural causes, like a soil’s natural characteristics. For example, clay retains a higher volume of water than many similar ground types. It can also be due to the contours of the land. Our groundwork contractors and drainage contractors often encounter what’s known as a water table, especially in the less developed, greener and more natural areas of Guildford. This is essentially a depression in which water can collect.


How to Deal with Poor Drainage?


One easy solution we often recommend is the implementation of soakaways. Their name explains quite well what they’re made to do! They’re essentially a large hole which our groundwork contractors excavate, that’s filled with rubble or broken bricks and covered with a depth of soil.


They’re typically placed at the bottom of a garden, so that water naturally runs down to them. Obviously, ensuring that the excavation isn’t nearby any foundation installation (or existing reinforced basements) is essential, otherwise they might interfere with how said infrastructure deals with loadbearing.


Another option, if the topsoil is the problem, is simply excavating around 6 inches of topsoil and replacing it. These two options tend to be two of the quicker, cheaper options employed by our groundworks and drainage contractors. If these solutions won’t prove sufficient, then there may be more comprehensive drainage solutions like ditches which drain away to the main system. These ditches can feature perforated, modern drainpipes which are laid in and covered with gravel. They’ll help direct excess water away to where it’s supposed to be – in your drains!


Which solution or combination of solutions we’ll employ will be figured out during our initial site survey. We provide no obligation surveys to clients throughout Haslemere and the wider Surrey area, and offer quotes that are extremely competitive, just as they are for our foundation installation services and the reinforced basements we build!


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For a full range of professionally delivered, competitively priced services in Haslemere from skilled drainage and groundwork contractors, call 01483 861 187.

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