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Here at Lucas Groundworks, we recognise that certain elements of the services we provide as drainage contractors and groundwork contractors hold a degree of mystery. This pertains more to domestic customers and smaller businesses than it does to larger companies who sometimes have a better understanding of our work having been involved in similar projects before. Whether we conduct the foundation installation for a new build project, install reinforced basements or perform renovation work on an older property in the Woking area, our work involves the two different types of residential drainage systems: foul and surface water drainage.


Below, we have taken a closer look at both of these systems to clarify their differences and how they operate.


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Two Separate Systems


Ideally, foul and surface water drainage systems should be treated as two different systems. In the case of new builds in Woking, and across the country, these two systems always operate independently of each other. In fact, only much older builds would feature a combined system that utilises the same pipes for both foul and surface water.


Thankfully, these days, the main similarity between the two systems is that they both compromise of above and underground drainage facilities. As a result, when it comes to foundation installation for new builds or projects like reinforced basements, Lucas Groundworks always keep these systems separate.


Surface Drainage Systems


The term ‘surface drainage’ applies to the collection of rainwater, snow and hail that falls around the property. In our roles of groundwork contractors and drainage contractors, we ensure that systems of this nature remove water from the foundations, the roof and patio areas swiftly and efficiently.


The above-ground section of this system comes in the form of guttering and downspouts that channel water away from the roof. The underground part of the system consists of surface water drains and surface water sewers. We refer to water collected in this system as clean because it has not been contaminated. As a result, the system transfers it directly to streams, rivers or soakaways in the Woking area.


As time-served professionals, we integrate surface drainage system requirements into our groundworks and drainage services, including foundation installation work and reinforced basements.


Foul Drainage Systems


The term ‘foul water’ refers to water used inside properties. This includes water used in sinks, toilets, baths, showers, washing machines and dishwashers. This system consists of sanitary pipes above ground and foul sewers and drains below the surface. Every residential building in Woking connected to the mains drainage network has its foul water channelled via the drain to the nearest sewage treatment works.


As your chosen groundwork contractors and drainage contractors, we ensure systems handling contaminated water meet every required regulation for hygiene and safety. With Lucas Groundworks, property owners can rest assured that every project we take on, from reinforced basements to foundation installation work, has carefully designed, highly efficient drainage systems.


For an insight into the standard of results we achieve as groundwork contractors and drainage contractors in the Woking area, please visit the previous work page.

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