Foundation Installation in Weybridge | Different Types of Foundations

As the solid base upon which a building sits, and as a form of protection against the elements, foundations remain one of the most important aspects of any structure. Naturally, not every foundation installation project in Weybridge has the same requirements. With variable factors like soil type, building size and structural weight, groundwork contractors and drainage contractors need to utilise varying types of foundations. Needless to say, the company installing the foundations needs to weigh up the pros and cons of these different foundations well in advance of the physical construction itself.


Here at Lucas Groundworks, we have considerable experience across a wide range of groundworks and drainage services, from reinforced basements to foundation installation. With this expertise, we weigh up our options with a focus on materials, the location and the type of building being constructed.


Below, we have provided a brief overview of the multiple types of foundations we use on projects in Weybridge and beyond.


Shallow Foundations


In our role as groundwork contractors, Lucas Groundworks creates shallow foundations by excavating earth down to the base of where a footing will sit. With excavation complete, the footing then gets placed into the created space, awaiting drainage contractors to carry out the services to follow. Shallow foundations often go by the name ‘open’ footings and come in a variety of different types, including:


  • Individual Footings – These remain one of the most common types of foundation. This type of foundation installation suits buildings that distribute their load through columns, each of which has its own footing. Individual footings are also the simplest type of foundations for groundwork contractors to install
  • Raft Foundations – Lucas Groundworks utilises this design for buildings that include standard or reinforced basements. These foundations spread the weight of the structure across the whole area of the building
  • trip Footings – Commonly found in masonry construction, strip footings consist of long strips designed to carry the weight of individual walls, as oppose to singular columns


From reinforced basements to load-bearing strips, Lucas Groundworks has the experience and expertise to find the ideal solution for any shallow foundation installation. We also operate as drainage contractors, allowing us to provide a complete service for a smoother, more cost-effective approach.


Deep Foundations


As the name suggests, deep foundations penetrate to a much deeper level beneath the ground for an exceptionally strong base. In our role as groundwork contractors, Lucas Groundworks utilises piles that bear deep into the soil of sites in Weybridge and the surrounding areas. As with shallow foundations, deep foundations come in multiple forms, varying in type depending on the nature of the ground being excavated. The types of piles we use to accommodate these differences include:


  • End-Bearing Piles – This design develops most of its load-bearing capacity at the toe. It bears down onto a hard layer of rock or dense soil and gravel. As such, this type of foundation installation operates in much the same way as a column
  • Friction Piles – Sometimes referred to as ‘floating piles’, this foundation installation develops the majority of its load-bearing capacity through shear stresses along its sides. This makes them suitable in areas where groundwork contractors cannot reach harder layers economically


In addition to groundworks, reinforced basements and foundation installation work, we also operate as drainage contractors in the Weybridge area. For more information regarding these services, please visit the drainage page.

To discuss options for groundworks or drainage services in Weybridge, speak with experienced drainage contractors and groundwork contractors on 01483 861 187.

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