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In both our work as groundwork contractors and our work as drainage contractors, which in the case of many projects overlap, identifying ground conditions and tailoring our services to said conditions is essential. Misidentifying a soil type and selecting the wrong type of foundation installation can be disastrous. The same can be said when designing and constructing reinforced basements or installing an underground drainage system for a Claygate client.


That’s why on this page, we’ve provided some detailed information on the different types of soil found around Claygate and wider Surrey, and the traits they exhibit. If you’re gearing up for a development project and require a groundworks specialist that’s been in the industry for over 20 years, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01483 861 187.


For your information, Lucas Groundworks uses the Peri DUO system for basement installations in Surrey. We have basement builders working in and around Claygate who can build new sub-level rooms, or who can convert or extend the space that’s already there using innovative formwork from Peri DUO.


Assessing Ground Conditions


Before beginning any project, from foundation installation through to construction of reinforced basements, we conduct a thorough assessment of site conditions. The main things we’re looking to identify are the suitability of the site for its intended purpose, and the type of building that needs to be supported. From there we’ll consider where foundations should sit, how deep they’ll need to be and what type/style of foundations are best. Informing these questions are the site’s geology and hydrology, that is the make-up of the soil, its moisture content etc.


Soils like peat and clay, for example, tend to drain of water slowly and are also quite soft. So, we will have to excavate further than if a Claygate site is sitting on stone (which obviously has good loadbearing characteristics already). Other criteria that our groundwork contractors and drainage contractors must consider are:


  • Flood risks
  • Landslide risks
  • Drainage & water run-off
  • Nearby springs or water bodies
  • Nearby buildings and excavations
  • Potential contamination and historic usage


For larger projects, ones a lot more significant than the average foundation installation or reinforced basement construction, we may be obligated to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure we adhere to relevant legislation like the Construction Regulations 2015, Contaminated Land Regulations 2012, Environmental Damage and Liability Regulations 2009 etc.


Our Claygate clients can rest easy knowing that Lucas Groundworks Ltd will know if this is a requirement. These assessments, carried out by our trained groundwork contractors and drainage contractors, will involve a field survey and any combination of the following:


  • Geological maps
  • Envirocheck reports
  • Land use classification
  • Risk assessment guidance


With basement installation services available too, and with our knowledge of the Peri DUO system to make work run more safely and smoothly, there has never been a better time to use our services. Our basement builders have decades of combined experience and adopt a refreshing customer-focused approach.

To book a site survey for foundation installation, reinforced basement construction or a similar service we provide the Claygate area, call Lucas Groundworks Ltd on 01483 861 187.

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